Snapshot of first half 2024

Snapshot of first half 2024 activity

Snapshot of first half 2024

June 20, 2024

A vibrant first half to the year with a range of exciting client activations by the team at Heneghan. We have been thrilled to work with our clients across Ireland and the UK, as they continue to make a positive social and economic impact while employing ingenuity, innovation, technology and sustainable best practices.

Activ8 Solar Energies: Expansion into Scotland

Heneghan spearheaded a campaign for Activ8 Solar Energies, where we assisted with the announcement of a major expansion into Scotland, marking a significant milestone for the company. A comprehensive media campaign ensured maximum visibility and impact for the announcement.


FRKelly: Announcement of its expansion in Cork

In January, we announced specialist law firm, FRKelly's expansion in Cork, reinforcing its regional commitment. Heneghan executed a robust media outreach that increased local awareness of FRKelly. Over the past year, we've run successful campaigns noting its presence in the intellectual property and law sectors, enhancing brand recognition, including its recent move to a new Dublin office, located in Dublin’s Grand Canal area.


SUAS Aerospace: Company looking towards the first commercial rocket-launch in Ireland

We supported SUAS Aerospace in announcing the pioneering initiative of the first commercial rocket launch in Ireland. This is set to position Ireland as a key player in the European space sector. The impact of this venture is multifaceted, promising significant advancements in technology, economic growth, and enhanced national prestige.


SSE Renewables: Announcements related to significant on-shore and off-shore projects

In the first half of 2024, we supported SSE Renewables with two major announcements. In April SSE Renewables, in collaboration with FuturEnergy Ireland and Microsoft, announced a landmark power purchase agreement for Lenalea wind farm in Donegal. In June, the company submitted a planning application for the offshore Arklow Bank Wind Park 2 project, aimed at significantly boosting Ireland's renewable energy capacity. Both announcements were prominently featured across the media.


D. A. Terminal 3 Ltd.: Visionary proposals for a Western Campus and Third Terminal at Dublin Airport

D.A. Terminal 3 Ltd. unveiled visionary proposals for a Western Campus and a Third Terminal at Dublin Airport, aiming to enhance capacity and infrastructure, positioning Dublin as a global aviation hub. Heneghan supported this announcement with a comprehensive media strategy to highlight the project's positive potential impact on Ireland's economy and the nation’s international connectivity. The announcement gained widespread media attention, along with a positive viral presence.


ABP Food Group: Beef processing facilities in Scotland

Heneghan’s long-standing work for ABP Food Group, a leader in the European food processing industry was exemplified in May by our announcement for the company’s further expansion in Scotland with a significant investment in new beef processing facilities.


Greengate Biogas: Launch of plans for the development of large-scale biomethane facilities across Ireland

In June, Greengate Biogas announced a partnership to develop large-scale biomethane facilities across Ireland, aiming to revolutionise the renewable energy landscape. Our strategic media campaign positioned Greengate Biogas, although in its early stages, as a prominent entity in Ireland's renewable energy transition. This recent announcement underscores the agency’s credentials at the forefront of strategic communications and public affairs for companies involved in the delivery of clean energy solutions.


ABM: ABM wins three Kimberly-Clark Professional Golden Service Awards

ABM achieved remarkable success by winning three prestigious Kimberly-Clark Professional Golden Service Awards, recognising its excellence in cleaning and facility management services in Ireland. Heneghan played an important role in ensuring widespread recognition of ABM's achievements across its social media platforms and providing content for promotion with trade media.


Rentokil: Major consumer project

Heneghan supported Rentokil/Initial in conducting the "What Not to Flush" survey through its Initial Hygiene division. This survey aimed to raise awareness about proper waste disposal practices and the impact of inappropriate items flushed down toilets. Our efforts led to substantial coverage across platforms, including features on RTÉ News and the Irish Independent, enhancing Rentokil/Initial's commitment to hygiene and environmental responsibility. This announcement demonstrates the agency’s capability in consumer-related communications.


Swoop: Global Growth and EY finalist

Brilliant fintech firm Swoop continues to break barriers with focused and accelerated growth throughout the English-speaking world. In April, we were delighted to support the company as its CEO Andrea Reynolds was included as a finalist in the emerging category in the 2024 EY Entrepreneur of the Year.


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